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Create true professional edges on granite and concrete with the SECCO professional diamond profile router. Utilizing the industry standard M10 arbor system, the SECCO router is compatible with hundreds of shapes and sizes of professional diamond bits commonly used in granite shops. Made to professional standards, the SECCO router is equipped with features previously only available on routers costing thousands of dollars. The SECCO router has been manufactured with hydro-float technology, this allows the tool to glide over the surface of the material on a thin sheet of water. When in use, the hydro-float system creates a friction free environment allowing the operator to effortlessly work the material without fatigue. The hydro-float system also constantly pushes water from the center of the base outward, away from the machine. This constant water flow flushes spent diamonds and ground material away from the tools base, eliminating the chance of debris getting caught and grinding between the tool and the surface causing damage. True variable speed and a powerful 2200 WATT 110 motor enables the use of low speed resin bits while supplying plenty of power to push large V40 router bits. The SECCO router ships with all needed water hoses and adapters and is covered by a 30 day warranty. More Info »
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